Selection of imported wire ruler encoder feed length control, higher than the grating ruler, not easy to be bad.
Saw press alarm function.
Saw things broken, sawing machine alarm, take the initiative to shut down.
Sawing machine according to the suspension function, for example, when you saw the material to half cut to want to stop, you can press the pause button, press the pause button when you want to start, the saw will continue the previous set of data and then work, will not return to zero Reshaped.


Model No. CH-700HA
Technical Data Cutting capacity(mm) 700mm for Round shape, 700X700 for square shape
Blade speed(m/min) 22/40/60
Blade size(mm) 41×1.3×7100
Main Motor(kw) 5.5
Hydraulic Motor(kw) 1.5
Coolant Pump(kw) 0.04
Work piece Clamping Hydraulic Vise
Blade Tension manual
Main Drive Worm wheel drive
Material feed Auto
Multiple feed 400mmx9 times auto feed
Machine size 3300×2200×2450
Machine weight 5600kg
Standard Equipment Blade cleaning brush Power blade cleaning brush
One piece of bi-metal saw blade YES
One set of tools with tool box YES
Operation manual YES
Bundle cutting device YES
Automatic feed roller YES
NC control YES
Saw frame height selector gauge Automatic work height control
Roller table YES
Automatic Work YES
Option parts 1. Hydraulic blade tension
2. Band saw blade 3. 700mm Roller table
4. Auto Chip Conveyor 5. Inverter speed
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