Applications: Use in auto, forging,military, mining machinery,bearing ,high-speed rail, steel processing industry etc.


Faster and shorter tail(20mm)
high-rigid body structure
Advanced clamping device
Servo motor and ball screw high-precision feeding system


Model LJX-150B
Cut-off capacity Round bar/tube Φ40-150mm
Square bar/tube 40-105mm
Saw head spindle TCT carbide tipped saw blade type Φ460*T2.7mm
Saw blade rotation speed 18-150rpm
MotorSpindle driving motor15kw/6p
The short tail length A type 20mm+ cutting length
B type 60mm+ cutting length
Hydraulic device Work driving pressure 90kg/C㎡(9MPa)
Tank capacity 160L
Machine dimension-weight Dimension(L*W*H) 7300*3100*2000mm
Weight(main body+shelf) 6700kgs
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