Auto double head bending machine

It cold bending method is used to bend the tube at room temperature. It is more suitable for bending stainless steel tube, aluminum pipe and copper pipe because it does not need heating when bending with pipe bending machine. The commonly used cold bending method is rolling bending (rolling machine reel machine). Winding, bending, bending and bending are mainly introduced in this paper. In general, the bending radius of cold bending should not be less than 1.5 times the diameter of the tube. Because the tube has a certain elasticity. However, when the external force is applied to the bending is eliminated, the pipe will rebound to an angle, and there must be a certain amount of recoil in bending. The amount of spring back is related to the mechanical properties, wall thickness and bending radius of the pipe material. When the copper tube is bent, the spring back angle is about 2-5 degrees.


Model No. 38B 42B
Max bending capacity(MM) Φ38*2 Φ42*2
Bending radius region(MM) 38-220 20-180
Center distance between two heads(MM) 170-1450 170-1450
Max bending angle(Degree) 185 185
Bending speed(°/sec) 50 50
Pieces of one time bending(piece) Φ13*3 Φ15*3
Φ19*3 Φ25*3
Machine dimension(MM) 2700*900*1350 2700*900*1800
Machine weight(KG) 2500 3500
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