The tubing is clamped on the bending wheel die. With the bending die together, the pipe is squeezed on the wheel die when the pipe is pulled over the pressure block, which belongs to the forming die bending process. With the development of numerical control bender and CNC machine tool industry, the use of advanced CNC pipe bending machine can greatly improve the production efficiency and guarantee the quality of the product. Because the process can be conveniently adjusted, the NC can complete the straightening, straightening, feeding and bending processes accurately and stably. The bending accuracy of the tube parts is guaranteed. However, the quality of the curved copper tube is more sensitive to the process parameters, it is necessary to have sufficient prep-reparation and trial production, especially the curved thin-walled copper tubes. If the selection of the process is not appropriate, it is easy to wrinkle and cause the work piece to be scrapped. How to obtain these qualities and accurately, and fully guarantee the quality of elbow products. It is the pilot of the research on the technology of the NC pipe bending machine.


Model No. 18CNC 28CNC 38CNC 42CNC 50CNC 63CNC 76CNC 89CNC
Max bending capacity(MM) Φ18*2 Φ28*2 Φ38*2 Φ42*2.5 Φ50*2 Φ63*3 Φ76*3 Φ89*4
Bending radius region(MM) 20-150 20-180 20-200 20-250 20-250 25-300 30-350 40-400
Bending angle region(Degree) 0-190 0-190 0-190 0-190 0-190 0-190 0-190 0-190
Effective length over mandrel(MM) 1500 3200 3200 3200 3200 3600 3800 4200
Oil pressure system motor(KW) 2.2 2.2 4 4 4 5.5 5.5 7.5
Max pressure(Kg/Cm) 160 160 160 160 160 160 160 160
Machine dimension(MM) 3000*750*1300 4200*650*1300 4000*700*1300 4500*700*1300 4500*800*1300 5000*1200*1350 5000*1200*1350 5300*1350*1200
Machine weight(KG) 1300 1500 2000 2200 2500 3200 3800 5000
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