Automatic pipe cutting machine using PLC mature technology, through the man-machine interface and device interaction, can be divided into manual and automatic operation, simple operation, easy to learn.

LOGINFLY pipe cutting machine choose a unique way of personal service knife, stable, precise, high-speed.

Optional high-speed steel and alloy cutting tool, saving tool costs.

High-speed pipe cutting machine hydraulic self-centering clamping, stable and reliable operation.



Model YT275A           (MANUAL TYPE)
Motor: 2.0/2.4kw
Clamping max open:(mm) 80
Saw blade:(mm) φ250-φ300
Dimension:(mm) 560*800*1300
Weight:(kg) 200
Cutting ability:
Round pipe φ110mm
Square pipe □100*100mm
Round bar ●35mm
Square bar ■30*30mm
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