used in shipbuilding, automobile,motorcycle,bicycle,baby stroller,petrochemical,steel furniture of various of various types of processing industry, is an ideal equipment for various pipe profile cutting irrigation area, the shrinking and expanding riveting processing.


Famous servomotor-driven in feed, PLC unit control, make the feeding accurate and steady.
Imported hydraulic system, powerful cutting and durable saw blade
Linear Guide Raids with lube and vertical slide way cutting make the cutting steady and accurate.
Separated control of cutting and clamping, special-designed clamping method make the clamping deformation very little, especially suitable for thin pipes and stainless steel pipes.


Model 375CNC-GZY-L           (Top Clamp ) 375CNC-GZY-L (Left clamp)
Motor: 3.3/4.0kw 3.3/4.0kw
Clamping max open:(mm) 140 140
Saw blade:(mm) φ275-φ400 φ275-φ400
Dimension:(mm) 3300*1500*1900 3300*1500*1900
Weight:(kg) 1300 1500
Cutting ability:
Round pipe φ110mm φ120mm
Square pipe 100*100mm 100*100mm
Round bar φ35mm φ35mm
Square bar 30*30mm 35*35mm
Cutting thickness ≤ 1mm  1mm- 2mm
 Cutting size Φ≤ 20 thickness≤0.8mm ,Φ20-60mm thicknesss ≤ 1mm (Normal pipe for furniture and Baby carriage )  thickness≤2mm carbon steel
Materail feed Servo motor (ball screw)
length measure Servo motor (ball screw)
  Feeding length 1m   (standrad)
 Feeding length 1.5m  (Option)
  Feeding length 2m  (Option)
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