Optional nylon fixtures, to avoid scratching the tube, good toughness, but also the choice of V-type universal fixture, holding firm.

Metal pipe cutting machine servo motor with high-precision ball screw, high precision, size standards.

Spindle stepless speed regulation, speed can be adjusted.

Cut the length of the workpiece data input automatic control function, permanent memory, calculator function reflects the number of processing at any time.

Support rack freely adjust the height, convenient and quick.


Vertical slide up and down in a knife , the cutting stability ,high precision
Multiple sets of gear drive is suitable for heavy cutting , precision and stability
Specially designed clamp, strong clamping force and reliable safety
Chute automatically to oil circulation, machine smooth and long service life


Motor: 2.8/3.6kw
Clamping max open:(mm) 200
Saw blade:(mm) φ315-φ450
Dimension:(mm) 1300*1400*1900
Weight:(kg) 950
Cutting ability:
Round pipe φ130mm
Square pipe □120*120mm
Round bar ●50mm
Square bar ■45*45mm
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